Naomi Aguilera

Real Estate Professional

My name is Naomi Aguilera, my friends would describe me as very attentive,smart,knowlegable,friendly and easy to talk to.I choose real estate because I love to help people,that's my client would hire me to do there real estate transactions because,I am very honest,smart ,and expert in real estate,who is happy to share my knowledge with my clients,I have heard from previous employers,that I am a very hard worker who will go above and beyond to make people happy,if I was shopping or selling a home,in would look for someone who is knowledgeable, ,smart,savvy,and who is an expert in real estate,who can find the hidden gems for there clients,someone who also know the real estate market,I being in sales over 10 years helping women who suffer hair loss due to cancer or other sickness,I like to see my client walking out my store with a big smile on there faces and walking out feeling confident after going through such a challenging time in their lives.