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Most of us would never imagine all the aspects of buying real estate until we decide to buy ourselves. We have outlined the questions and answers below that are most often asked of us. The questions we are asked go far beyond those found here and since you are about to make one of your most serious financial investments of your lifetime, absolutely every question is very important. Get the right answers to your specific questions right now with a simple mouse clicking here.

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How much will it cost to use a Florida Luxury Realty professional to help me purchase a home? In a residential real estate transaction, the seller pays the real estate commission. As a full service residential real estate brokerage, Florida Luxury Realty provides full MLS access to buyers as well as local real estate agents to help you select, negotiate, and purchase the home of your dreams.

What is the difference between a "Buyer's Agent" and a "Seller's Agent"? Why should I work with a "Buyer's Agent"?
A "Buyer's Agent" is a real estate agent that is hired by the buyer to find the right home for the buyer. The main goal for a "Buyer's Agent" is to find the best home for a buyer, while negotiating the best price. A "Seller's Agent" is a real estate agent hired by the seller to market and sell their home. The main goal of a "Seller's Agent" is to sell the seller's home at the highest price possible. As a buyer, you'll discover finding one great agent and having them be your agent with the whole shopping and purchasing process often works in your favor.

How is buying a home better than renting?
In general, the buy vs. rent question compares the cost of renting to the after-tax cost of owning a home. Some factors to consider are rent increases and home price appreciation in your area.

How much house can I afford?
In general, the amount you can afford to spend on a home is a combination of your cash on hand, your salary, and your outstanding debt. Speaking to a lender is really the first step in the home buying process.

What will my real estate professional do? Not do?
As your Florida Luxury Realty professional, we will do the following:
• work with you through the entire home buying process, from start to finish
• search the entire MLS (Multiple Listing Service)
• show you all of the homes you are interested in visiting
• recommend houses which meet your criteria
• negotiate on your behalf with the seller of the home
• prepare the offer for the house
• prepare all of the contracts associated with the home purchase
• work with the title company, the lender, and the seller (or seller's agent) to arrange all necessary inspections
• serve as your "point" person during the closing process
• answer any questions you may have about any part of the real estate process

As your Florida Luxury Realty professional, I will NOT do the following:

• provide you with legal advice
• provide you with financial advisory advice
• pressure you to do anything that you don't feel comfortable doing

When is the best time to get loan approval?
In order to have the best possible chance when submitting a home offer, we highly recommend that buyers get pre-approved for their home loan. Pre-approval simply means that the buyer has worked with a lender to determine what the maximum loan amount the buyer could qualify for with that lender, prior to selecting a house. Pre-approved buyers have several advantages, including increased negotiating power, since the seller knows that you can complete the transaction. In fact, some sellers will not even entertain offers unless the buyer is pre-approved.

How can I be sure that I have seen everything on the market?
To ensure that you have knowledge of all the properties available on the market, we will input your criteria which then orders the MLS to delivery every property listing directly to your email box. Often times, real estate agents have an incentive to only show clients their own featured listings, not all of the available listings on the MLS (Multiple Listing Service). Another way to ensure you are shown every available home is to search for yourself is using this website which allows complete access to the area homes for sale.

How will I know I am offering the right price and not overpaying for the property?
One way to ensure that you are paying a fair price for the property is to look at what other houses of similar size and characteristics have sold for in the past few months. As your real estate professional, we will be able to provide you with some comparable home sales in the area.

After I have a contract on a home to purchase, when can I move in?
After the home closing, you then own it and can move in.

More questions?
There are certainly many other questions that we are often asked when shopping to purchase a home, please take this opportunity to contact us for prompt, courteous, and professional assistance.