Rob Santella

Sales Associate

Growing up and working on a dairy farm in Connecticut instilled the ethics of hard work, loyalty and the value of a dollar into Rob at a very early age. Those qualities have continued to guide him to be successful in everything he sets his mind to in both his personal and professional life. After graduating he gained a vast knowledge of commercial and residential construction, as he worked for years in the family business. Rob knows the value of a home is not just about the dollar figure but also about an emotional connection. He is inherently trained to look at the finer details that make that house a sound investment for you and your family. He also understands that buyers and sellers are looking for an honest agent that will give them a realistic goal they can expect to achieve. It is with honesty, commitment and determination that he is there to help you meet those goals. Rob has lived in Hernando County for more than 20 years where he raised 3 children with his wife of 23 years. He has extensive ties to the community and knowledge of all it has to offer. Raising a child with Autism has given him and his family a unique connection to the community and what it has to offer for those needing special services and accommodations. Most of his years residing in Hernando county have been spent making his mark in the sales industry. His ability to understand the needs of his customers and working hard to meet those needs has earned him accolades from his employer as well as repeat and loyal consumers. There is not many places he can go within the community where he does not meet up with someone he has made a positive impression on. For years Rob has enjoyed riding ATVs both for fun and competitively. His middle son developed the passion for the sport as well. Whenever possible they would participate in the cross country races and as his son got older they even ended up competing in the same class. One of Rob's most memorable experiences in the sport was competing with 2 friends as a team, in Mexico, at the BAJA 1000 where they placed 4th in the pro class. Clearly he is not afraid to get his hands dirty, enjoys a challenge and sees things through to the end. Let him see you to the finish line where your American Dream awaits.

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